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About Our Garbage Collection Company Serving Winona, MN & Surrounding Areas

More Than 4 Decades of Experience

J & J Rubbish Service Inc. is Winona's own family business since 1968. We have become a trusted name for garbage collection and disposal in the area. This makes us all the more responsible to better serve you.

Chamber of Commerce Recognition - Trash Collection in Winona, MN

Customer Corner

“These guys at J & J Rubbish Service Inc. have impressed me not once, but twice with great customer service. I'm still getting used to having to roll my trash can out to the curb for the early Wednesday morning pickup. Last week, I rolled it out when they had already passed my house and were halfway down the next block. They saw me and backed the garbage truck all the way back to where I was standing. Excellent first impression. This Wednesday morning, I went to work early and realized that I had forgotten to put out the can. Certain that I had already missed the window but not wanting to give up without trying, I drove back to my house. The can was already out on the curb and had been emptied. These guys must have remembered from last week, and walked up the driveway to fetch the can. Thanks!”

–Clay Templeton